Chess at Pruitt Library

Get ready for some fun!

Rackspace and the Molly Pruitt Public Library have partnered together to bring chess to the Pruitt community!

When the library re-opens, we will resume offering three ways to participate: come play chess and eat dinner with your entire family, sit in for a lesson, or flex your skills in fierce and friendly competitions.

Haven’t played chess before? Learn the basics at

Check out this video that shows how chess skills can apply to real life: Man teaches kids real life lessons through chess





“As a leader in the technology industry, Rackspace wants to build a culture around chess as a scholastic mind sport, so that our young adults enter the workforce with the technical thinking skills that matter to us.

Unfortunately, athletic skills aren’t what makes a tech company like Rackspace successful. We need people with logical thinking skills, problem-solving ability, and technical creativity. Chess develops all these skills.”

Online Chess Rooms

Currently, chess lessons and games are available online for all library users, including Roosevelt students! Sign up for a free account on and request to become members of either the Roosevelt HS Chess Room or the Molly Pruitt Lib Chess Room.

If you have difficulty signing up, please call us at 210-650-1122 during library hours, and we will gladly assist you.

Join a Chess Room:

Additional Information:

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How to Sign Up

Go to

With your parents’ approval, click “sign up”. You are signing up for the free membership only. (You can enter your real name in settings so that others can view it below your username on the “MEMBERS” list.)


  1. Choose and Enter your username.
  2. Enter the email address you would like to use.
  3. Create a password that you and/or your device will remember.
How to Join a Chess Room

After logging in,

  1. Hover over the “connect” tab.
  2. Go to “clubs”
  3. Find the Roosevelt HS or Molly Pruitt Lib Chess Room(s) and click “request”. (you will be approved within 24 hours)

Challenge a teammate to a game:

  1. Do not click “Play” if it doesn’t say the name of the person you want to play. That will start a game with some random person somewhere.
  2. Click “members”.
  3. Hover over the member you want to play, and click on the “challenge” button on their profile.
  4. You can set it for how long of a game you want, how long between moves, etc. You can make it pause if someone goes too long between moves or forfeit.

Thursday Virtual Chess Sign Up

Can’t make it to the library?

Alex Weinberg, our Chess Master, will be streaming the lessons from his home to the library. Watch it from the comfort of your home.

Advanced Chess Lessons!

Every Thursday at 6:30 PM

Show Us Your Moves

All Ages

Family Chess Night

NOW AVAILABLE: Dinner is served to all attendees by curbside pickup. One free chess set is available per family.

This event is sponsored by Rackspace
Foundation. When the library is re-opened, games will be led by Chess Master Alex Weinberg.


Saturdays | 4:30 PM until 4:55 PM.

Ages 13-19

When the library re-opens, we will again be offering

Teen Chess

Pizza and chess lessons for teens with our Chess Master Alex Weinberg, Rackspace Foundation.

Thursdays | 4:30 PM until 5:30 PM.

Ages Children to Adult

When the library re-opens, we will again be holding

Community Tournaments

Open to those who are unranked or ranked under 1800 (USCF) in the Child Beginner, Child Advanced, Teen, and Adult divisions.

Sponsored by Rackspace Foundation